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I'm a UIC alum

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I mean it has been a while but I lived in the dorms, worked for campus housing, and sat as a Student Affairs Judicial Panel Member.


The first thing I said after all those experiences is that if I have a kid they are never staying in a dorm.

I'm not surprised this happened. I'm surprised the person was caught. I don't understand why everyone is shocked someone got into the building. A lot of times what happens is someone has a SO that is over so frequently security will just let them in without being checked in. There is also the circumstances around when you are entering a building that houses 100s of people and someone is coming in behind you. Do you hold the door open for them?


I worked the front desk of my dorm and a friend's boyfriend showed up. I let him in thinking I was doing her a favor. What I found out later is friend's boyfriend had a volatile temper and spent the next hour screaming outside her door and banging on the door.

From then on I never let anyone's SO in without the SO or checking in. I got a lot of people calling me a "bitch" under their breath but I really didn't care after that experience.


And that is just one story that is no where near as bad as the actual bad stories.

I don't think my experience or opinion is unique for UIC.

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