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I'm about to get all TMI

And tell you about my appointment at the ob/gyn! It's inane! Pregnancy/medical stuff below.

I had my 12 week appointment yesterday. I was DREADING having a pelvic exam because I've never had one that wasn't deeply uncomfortable/borderline painful. I'm terrible about getting yearly exams because of the sheer terror I feel. All day I felt incredibly sick with anxiety over it.

After it was over I almost hugged the nurse practitioner. With the other exams, it's been almost five minutes of them digging around, adjusting the speculum, and doing that thing where they're feeling your ovaries and uterus. This woman knew I was nervous going in and worked really quickly while talking to me the whole time about my day—it was over in a minute. I was just really grateful for finding a practitioner who was sympathetic and efficient.


Oh, and the baby is good! Strong heartbeat that she found very easily. It is now, apparently, roughly the size of a lime and is SIGNIFICANTLY less freaky looking.

May all of you requiring the services of an ob/gyn have someone as awesome as I did yesterday.

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