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I'm aliiiiiiiiiiiiiive (ETA: CW: Dem Head Staples)

Hi GT!

I had my neurosurgery last week and I am recovering at home. I’m pretty mobile but I need a cane and I can’t carry anything going up or down stairs. I have a bathrobe with large pockets, but glasses of iced tea don’t do so well in those.

Instead of have a small incision behind my ear (as I was told), I have a honking big incision of about 4 inches on the side of my head. I also have two smaller incisions on the back of my head and on my temple as well as a nice bump. Really, what this means is that sleeping is extremely uncomfortable, because no matter what position I am in, I’m putting pressure on at least one of the incisions. Also, I’m only taking tylenol as the only prescription they offered me was Percocet and I’m not a fan.


If I’m strong enough to go out for Halloween, I’m going to go as Frankenstein’s Bride who rejected her husband as a lummox and would enjoy a more suitable partner.

Also, I’ve been having weird personality swings that are a bit scary.

Also, I won’t see my surgeon until November and probably won’t find out until then what the heck was in my brain.

ETA: This is what I’m dealing with here:

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