Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I'm alive!

I am, I swear. It’s been pretty busy. I had a just in case job interview yesterday, I NEED to get all my shit packed to move out. I got a pretty new sword on Destiny so I need to curb my desire to play in favor of packing all my cookstuff and clothes and books. I joined Reddit so I can find a sexy chat partner cuz while I have neeeeds, I am hindered by the fact that my couch hosts have a firm “no sex on our couch or other housely surfaces” rule. Plus, you know, it’s just safer. I joined tinder, and swiped right on a bunch of dudes just because I didn’t have the heart to swipe left on what seemed like perfectly nice dudes whilst I was still learning the system.

Actually, vis à vis the Reddit thing, my friend, upon hearing my upset over some dude who lives out of state, kindly explained that Out Of State dude didn’t want the equivalent of a long distance tease, and shoved me into r/dirtypenpals because he’s helpful.


And that is the State Of Bumbles.

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