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I'm an adult! Woo!

You guys!

I went to the grocery store today, and ended up saving $43 with my super coupon skills. I stocked up on pantry things and some veggies, and got all the ingredients for the flautas I want to make. I stuck to my list and didn't forget anything! This has to be a first!


Then I came home, put away all the groceries, made some salsa and guacamole, and am in the middle of making the flautas. The kitchen counters and sink are all scrubbed, the dishwasher is running, and I am so super proud of myself.

I feel like such a grown up today! After I make and eat the flautas, I will freeze the extras, pick up the living room, do my homework, and then this evening I'm going to go on a jog through a botanical garden. Then tomorrow it's more homework, laundry, vacuum, sweep & mop. Hopefully I'll have time to go for a drive or to the beach.

I cannot stress how awesome this feeling is. I've been in the middle of a pretty bad funk (I have a history with depression), and was starting to feel like I'll never be a "grown up." I was having a hard time doing much, including putting away laundry and was feeling pretty stuck and unhappy. I hadn't made my bed in 3 weeks and was sleeping on my couch.

Now I feel like I can take on the world! I'm cooking healthy things from scratch, and my apartment is finally starting to look more like an adult lives here, and less like the lost boys broke in and ransacked it.


What makes you guys feel grown up and accomplished?

Edit: The flautas were pretty good! Crisped right up in the oven and everything. Yummy!

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