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One of those door-to-door church folks came around today. I answered the door cus he had kids with him (maybe 13-14 yr old tweens) and I thought maybe something was wrong. But no! He was taking a "survey" on people's religious beliefs. I had a cute dress on, so I felt confident. I told him point-blank that "I'm an atheist, so..."I wanted to see how he'd react to me. I live in a relatively religious and poor area. There aren't that many atheists, and I kinda wanted to shock him.

He was calm, but mostly relied on the "science is belief" / "a theory just means 'this is what we think happened'" taking points. We went around and around in circles for maybe 10 minutes, me discussing the difference between a scientific theory and the commonly used "theory," talking about how atheism is not "belief in no God" but a rejection of belief generally. He kept asserting that science is based on belief, but I kept my cool. It was sort of fun, if not somewhat maddening. He continually made this face while the children cowered behind him:


It was weird, but I'm surprised it was so civil. This was the first time I ever humored a religious door-knocker...and I'm pretty proud of how I handled myself. I don't really consider myself a "militant" atheist. But...science isn't based on belief. That's just insane.

ETA: I know that there are philosophical questions about whether the scientific method can be used in a way that is truly representative of our reality. And those questions are answered out of faith and "belief." But guys, you know that's beyond the scope of what this guy is saying, right? This guy is saying "Evolution is just a theory. It's not based in evidence. You just believe it to be so. Cus that's what a theory is."

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