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My husband has taken off all next week. Yay. I mean, YAY!


Don't get me wrong. He is my best friend. We have lots of fun together. It's pretty much the only fun I have nowadays. The kids have school Monday and Tuesday, so that's the perfect opportunity for lots of bonding (Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink). Yet, I know from prior experience that by Wednesday I will be evil glaring him right out of the house.
I'm used to being alone all day. I prefer being alone all day.
We signed up for Netflix so we can watch movies, at least, but that's all he will do. When I try to get things done, he will pout because I'm not spending time with him. Of course, if I sit with him all day, he will wonder why the house is such a mess and dinner isn't done.
I'm going to need a vacation after his vacation.


Also, HALP! I want to bring a vegetarian dish to Thanksgiving dinner. I will be doing deviled eggs and a desert, but I want to take something that I won't be hesitant about eating (I'm the only veg there). Ideas? Recipes? Any help at all is much appreciated.

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