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I'm an expert?!

I just got a phone call asking me to peer review a report/possible publication that a local group is publishing (sorry I can't give more details, I don't know how much I can disclose). When I first got the call, my instinct was to go "Me? What? Are you crazy?!? I'm not an expert that should be allowed to review anything." But, the more the guy told me about the study, the more I realized that I totally am an expert. The report is about a study very similar to my Master's thesis, just expanded and applied practically; I've worked in the industry the report is focused on; and I'm familiar with other aspects the report is about. I am an expert.... If I were going to be the only person reviewing, I wouldn't be willing to do it. But, as just one person on a panel of experts, I'm totally qualified, and that is strangely little scary!


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