I thought kids went back to school Thursday. They go back TUESDAY aka TOMORROW.

It’s a long and convoluted story, but we were holding off on registration until last minute because we were supposed to move out of state this summer (note: supposed to) and I didn’t want to have to go through all that twice.

Obviously, we’re still here. So... no one’s registered, I didn’t fill out the homeschool paperwork for BabySmacks, and didn’t get school supplies because I didn’t know what schools they’d be going to so didn’t know what they’d need. *facepalm*

All of which means that I will be taking LittleSmacks2 and LittleSmacks3 in to the junior high at 7am, to hopefully get them sorted out. I feel like an ass on several levels, not least because this will be a huge pain for the teachers. Also, busing needs to be sorted out, because the stuff I got in the mail says that school starts at 7.20am, yet their pickup time is 7.30am. Wut?

Thank all the gods for the community center in our town, because I took the jr. high boys over there at like, 4.30 this afternoon (they close at 5) after I realized my idiocy, and explained our situation. Both boys were given backpacks with basic supplies (a couple notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, highlighters and a few other things) for free, which is awesome and amazing and I am forever grateful to the guy there for helping us out. I told them both to make a list of things they will need and we’ll get the rest after Husband’s next check.


OldestSmacks only needs a notebook and pen for the first few days, and he starts on Wednesday, so *phew* on that one, and BabySmacks is being homeschooled this year, so I have a little more time to sort that out. The paperwork is all online for homeschool in our state, which makes my life simpler.

I feel like such a bad mom... I mean, really, how did I miss this little detail??? I’m crazy busy all the time, especially since I’ve been doing weekends at Faire, but that’s nothing new. Seriously... how did I manage this one??