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I'm Angry - How to Cope?

It turns out my latest malady is connected to my chronic/genetic condition. And I am pissed. I am pissed because I can’t change my condition. I am pissed because I didn’t cause my condition. I am pissed because there is no cure for my condition, and the only “treatment” is a semi-successful medication that “usually” prevents the most serious (deadly) effects of the condition.

I can’t exercise myself out of it. I can’t modify my diet out of it. I can’t have a surgery and make it go away. I can’t “do” anything about it. This latest, related, episode has been excruciatingly painful, and I CANNOT DO ANYTHING except wait it out. There is an extremely high likelihood that I will have future occurrences. I’m pissed. I now have SIX specialists in addition to my GP.


I know there are several here who have chronic conditions, how do you deal with the anger and frustration? The only thing at this point I am grateful for is that I have excellent insurance. For that reason alone, I will stick with my increasingly awful job.

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