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I'm annoyed.

I'm annoyed that a man had to bring up the #yesallwomen conversation at work before it was taken seriously. And I'm doubly annoyed that that conversation was derailed into talking about the mental health of the shooter. Those are separate conversations - one looking at a platform from which we can discuss women and our experiences living in a world that is so unsafe for us vs a conversation about what this person's motivations are (is it rooted in mental illness? Perhaps? I don't know. But it's sure as hell linked to a deep-seated mysogyny that is endemic to our culture as a whole).

I am ESPECIALLY FUCKING ANNOYED that right after this conversation, I was walking home and three men stopped what they were doing, stared at me as I walked past, and one commented to the others in a voice obviously meant for me to hear 'I'd do that cunt.' And I imagined calling him a pig...but I also imagined him coming after me even though it's the middle of the day because that doesn't seem to stop people anymore so I kept my mouth shut and walked past with my head high as dignified as I could. They sniggered. I'm annoyed that it was all I felt safe to do.

I'm annoyed that my person - my whole person - is often reduced to my body parts. I guess all my lived experiences and my personality and everything that makes me ME doesn't matter because all of that pales in comparison to my having a cunt and a nice pair of tits.


I'm not annoyed anymore. Now I'm angry.

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