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I'm annoyed and I need to vent

I realize this vent is coming from a place of privilege, but it is also one of those situations where you get used to something and then that thing is just gone with no warning.

Anyway, I order (or used to as of very recently) bottled water off Amazon. As a person with chronic pain, lifting heavy things off the shelf, into the cart, out of the cart, into the trunk, then up to the apartment can wipe me out. If I can remove all but the last step it makes my life a lot easier. Today I went to reorder and almost all bottled water is now exclusively available via Prime Pantry.

If you’re not familiar with Pantry, it’s a thing where you can buy non-perishable and household products, but you have to fill this box. Every item you put fills the box a small percentage and you can’t complete your order until the box is full.


I ordered from Pantry once, before I moved into my apartment. Just stocking up on random shit. The box that arrived at my dad’s house was massive and so heavy I could barely drag it over the threshold. I don’t even know why UPS agrees to deliver them, they’re insane.

One 24-flat of my preferred water filled a Pantry box 15%. So I’d have to order 6 of them, plus some random item. I would need a professional bodybuilder to deliver that shit to my 3rd floor apartment. I even contacted Amazon customer service, because I am a fan of the strongly worded letter, even though I know they make a million dollars a minute and my one order is meaningless to them. And the cs rep was sympathetic, but of course can’t do anything for me.

So that’s my rant. It was already a crappy day at work (work itself, a bitchy coworker, AND the heat was out on my floor!) and now this. Waah.

Feel free to commiserate, rant your own rants, or remind me how good I have it otherwise :)

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