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I'm appalled

We are interviewing for a senior position within one of our operational teams. A woman was interviewed for the role and afterwards the team who would be working with her were discussing what they thought. They were very pleased with her except, when someone else asked them if they had any concerns, their concern is apparently, that she’s a woman????

They are also women doing more junior aspects of that role, and I want to punch them in the head. But I won’t.

I was about to ask them wtf when the (older, white) guy currently doing the role asked them wtf. I never thought I’d have to see an older guy tell women they can’t discriminate against women. He is an excellent dude though to be fair.


I work in the finance industry so practically everyone in my company is male already. There are two women doing the industry role here. Two. Are we really going to start suggesting we don’t have women in other functions as well?

Rant over, use this space for your own rants if you like!

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