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I'm at LAX and I suddenly hate Murukami

I started reading 1Q84 at Sydney, and I was like, meh. And I slept all flight and now I've picked it up again while I wait at LAX and you guys this book sucks ass.

Murukami has spent pages upon pages sexualising women and young girls. Nothing has been said about their personalities or lives. So far it's been they are hot, had lesbian experiences (described hotly), and had men talk about them and their beauty/incompetence.

The men, on the other hand, are apparently "not liked but respected", very competent at their jobs, and all I know about their appearance is they have a farmer's face, or grey hair and a wide mouth.


This shit just pisses me off. IT IS BORING.

Uuuuuuugh first Franzen and now this. I hope I don't end up hating everyone.

Oh! Also! America! So far I've seen just the airport and everyone talks like the movies and the TSA were so suss of me even though I am clearly a small woman who has no idea how to navigate the airport.

I ate a cheeseburger because everything else in the airport is so expensive and it tasted just like a home cheeseburger but harder.

My flight it 3 hours away and I'm good to have to spend that time hate-reading unless y'all talk to me.


And thank you all so much for your help with my tampon/milk questions! x

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