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I'm Back and A Crazy Story

I'm going to hop right into my story as I have Chemistry to study, an interview at a major hospital to practice for and 3 huge paintings to complete by Thursday.

This weekend I went with Mr.Bottom to a small teeny town in North-Central Texas to his sisters wedding/vow renewal. It was an 8 hour drive but we were watching Game of Thrones and Archer so it wasn't so bad. The actual teeny tiny town was pretty nice! Everyone I met was super friendly and very not the idea people have of rural Texans. So that was refreshing because O.M.G you guys, the radio tells a different story.


At one point, we were treated to a 3 minute long commercial/PSA/warning thing talking about how the bible says that god created giants and that "Noah was known to be over 9 feet tall" (how? when? what?) and that "science would have you believe that there never were any giants" and that they'd like you to come see their exhibit where they have a "giants" femur on display, that "the scientific community refuses to display because it disproves many of their theories".

Well, not to burst any crazy-people bubbles, but science does recognize Gigantism and has identified many causes that explain growth that is far outside the average. The femur could've come from someone suffering from abnormal levels of growth hormone or even suffering from Marfan Syndrome. Giants weren't a "species" or a "primary state" for human beings. But you know that you can't reason with a radio so on with the story! Because now it gets good!

So that long part of the commercial ended, and we thought is was finally over and we could sneak in a nap, but then the lady goes "Did you know that evolution is racist?"


So of course we perk back up. She then launched into it. "Have you ever noticed that in the evolutionary depictions, human beings are said to derive from monkeys and as they move forward they are very dark until we hit the present and then they are white. Science would have you believe that there is a master race. But the bible says that there is only one race and that we are all gods children." Then she talked a bit more about racism from the scientific community.


Obviously there is so much wrong with that statement that I just cannot even. I will just say that in "the scientific community" race has long been proven to be BIOLOGICALLY INVALID. It does not exist on any level whatsoever. It is now only a social construct, due to years of oppression/discrimination/slavery (much of which is A-OK in the bible). So WHAT?!


Anyway, when we got to the town we were all worn out and decided to turn on the TV. There were 6 ads in a row from people running for various local government offices but they were all Republican and all had the line "Our Values" repeated in each commercial at least 3 times. Everyone running was white, and in no commercial did I see any person of color unless it was an image of Pres. Obama while he was being villified. So that said a lot. Then they all said that they valued "small government, education and limited spending/prayer in schools". Education is always the first thing cut by Republicans in this state, so that's rich.

It was just really surreal. It was exactly what the rest of the world thinks of Texas. The people I met were all very nice and the town was very friendly and annually hosts a huge event that brings in lots of tourists. But if you listen to the radio or watch TV, it all gets ruined. Living in Houston and visiting Austin and San Antonio has made me think that the depiction of the rest of our state is pretty over exaggerated. Sadly this is very wrong and there is no exaggeration. There is probably even a lot of underestimating going on.


It was just weird. Thought I'd share. How have you guys been?!

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