So first up! The wedding went AMAZING! Of course there were hitches. My sister (the Bride) and I wanted to get to the hotel nice and early so that we could just shower there and blow dry our hair and work on the getting the seating charts glued/taped to the foam boards and establishing the suite as "mission headquarters" early on.

Well, imagine our surprise when we go to drive into downtown on a Saturday morning (usually NOTHING going on and the only time there is no traffic in Houston) and find out that there is a MASSIVE EFFING PARADE blocking off the hotel. My sister has a panic attack inside the car (while she is driving because I can't drive due to anxiety). I try to calm her down. We park on the side of the road and she hoofs it 5 blocks to the hotel through the parade (she didn't give an eff and the cops knew better than to cross her, lol) and thankfully got two valet guys to walk all the way back with her to the car (where I was manning the fort because of the massive amount of people near the car containing our dresses and important wedding stuff). They helped us carry everything into the hotel where she proceeded to panic because the rest of the party and vendors were supposed to arrive soon. Thankfully, the STUPIDEST PARADE KNOWN TO HUMANITY ended right as our people started to arrive and there were able to get valeted at the entrance to the hotel. After that, things went pretty smoothly except the hair and makeup people made me look like an effing weirdo and turned another bridesmaid GRAY, and the flower vendors completely sucked!

As we finally got to the actual wedding I somehow became in charge of the flower girls, as they were directly in front of me in the procession. I'm not very good with children and they kept wanting to run off and play or talk really loudly. My default method of distraction was having them practice tossing their petals, complimenting them and making them smell my bouquet.

Once the ceremony started, I was a complete wreck. I was crying all over the place and trying not to burst into full on happy sobs. When my sister finally made it to us she saw me crying and mouthed "Already?!" and smiled and shook her head, haha.


We took lots of pictures and the reception was AMAZING! I took about 30 turns in the photo booth (I wanted my sister to get her moneys worth!) and was runing around so much that I only had 2 bites of salad, a little bit of my chicken and 1 piece of asparagus. No cake. I also missed the ice cream and sundae bars. Nobody told me that the MOH doesn't get to eat at the wedding, haha.

I gave my speech and it was A HIT! Apparently I made all the guests cry, but I made my sister cry so much that she got heat rash (and she NEVER CRIES) and I got the Groom to cry too! So I did pretty well. I was crying through the whole thing and most of my sentences ended in high pitch squeaks because of that, but I guess people really dig that. When the video is available, I can post it if you want! I'm just happy that I nailed it. Also, super sweet note - my dad was so emotional all day that when it came time for my speech, he went and hid in the room with the photo booth because he knew he wouldn't be able to handle it.


So yea, the wedding was AWESOME!

Afterwards I went and got my hair chopped off! YAY! I have been wanting to get it cut for a while now, but also needed to keep the length I had for my updo for the wedding. But as soon as it was over I went to the mall and got shorn like a little lamb!





I'm really happy with it and everyone who has seen it loves it on me, so that's always super nice! :D


We did drop off the kittens who had been living on our porch at the SPCA yesterday. They aren't on the website yet, but hopefully they will be soon. If you're in Houston and are looking to adopt, head over to the Houston SPCA website and keep an eye out! Dropping them off was pretty hard and I was crying hardcore. Mr.Bottom even cried. We really wish we could've kept them, but 6 cats in a 1 bedroom townhouse is just not a good idea. So it was a pretty hard day.

I was going to add more, but this is already crazy long (sorry)! I'll just write another post a little later (full of my love-slut cats!)