Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I'm back! Okay I never really left, but still.

A special thanks to Locasta and all the other GTers who helped me figure out how to fix my internet and etc.

I got my newish computer up and running and somehow managed to get all the updates without having to drag it over to my computer genius friend and bribing him to fix it.


The last kinja switch over happened a couple of days after my laptop broke so this is my first day seeing the new setup for the MP and GT.

First thoughts

  • There's a lot of white space isn't there
  • I thought they gave up on side scrolling comments
  • Oh, they did. Its two columns going down, that last article only had two comments so I wasn't seeing it right.
  • Where the hell is the GT link
  • Seriously where is it?
  • Found it!
  • They really like the color white don't they?
  • Oh yay I can actually see peoples avatar pics!

So this new setup I like it, plus anything is better than typing on my phone.

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