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I'm Back! What a lovely day...

Good morning GroupThink. As you may have (or most likely have not) noticed, I stopped posting and commenting last week. Originally, I had planned not to come back for a while, like at least a month.

It seems the tone around here lately is a little different than usual. There is (or hopefully, was) a lot more indirect misandry than I am comfortable with. Many of those posts do eventually get deleted, but still...it’s definitely not in the spirit of the GT I am normally proud to call myself a member of. I also got transplain’d a couple times, which definitely made me go “woah”.


I’m also going through some rather stressful family issues and someone is suing me, because I guess everyone needs a lawsuit against them at least once in their life.

The final nail in the coffin was when I made a post about a certain set of people at the fringes of the trans movement who really aren’t helping progress. Likely because I sucked with my wording (and added a story that was actually unrelated to the subject), my post was completely and entirely taken the wrong way...so I pulled it before I could hurt myself any further and offend more people.

To those I offended, I do apologize. Those were SO not my intentions. But rather bring to light an issue that really only other trans people are aware of.

But based on my already stressful life issues and some really scary posts, I logged out and decided taking a break would be best.


I’m actually posting today because of a post that was pretty alarming to see here. I won’t talk about it because it was deleted as well.

I also find comfort in writing, so in reality; my break only made me feel worse. So hell, I’d rather stay here and keep on doing what I do than to let a few wild opinions scare me away. So, I’m back!


Also, I did get one productive thing done during my break. I learned that my face is healed up enough that I don’t need to wear a full face of makeup! I only put foundation on my neck (scars, yo) and on my mustache area. Seeing my natural skin actually looks a bit cuter than my old idea of just covering my whole face in foundation.

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