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I'm Back With Many Thanks And Lots Of Good News!

First, I wanted to thank everyone for commenting and giving me advice about my post about manipulation. I have since grown the fuck up and did what I had to do. Thanks! Now the good news! Also can't post gif :(

School has been ok. I have to keep a journal and had do an experiment for my sociology class. The experiment was actually pretty cool: I sat in a bar and observed (not in a creepy way) the bartender. We had a nice chat after, but the part about observation really made me think. So I did the write up, and it came out pretty good. Same for my journal. Both were original ideas (the class is mostly freshmen, so they can't go to bars, and I learned some stuff in class that made me reflect about the definition of sociology) and both were typical me, in terms of writing.

I just thought both were ok, because I don't have a lot of faith in my writing. But then the professor sent me this:

I got your journal (and put the experiment in your TA's mailbox), and you write so beautifully!


Wow. It made me weep with joy. A professor has never said that to me. A TA did once (she's now a great friend and great professor-so I guess that counts). I had been going through a rough patch, and hearing this...I needed it. I do secretly want to be a writer, and right now I'm actually giving myself a shot. I'm taking a crime novel class, so I'm practicing with that genre. I'm also writing more in my journal. She doesn't know how much she helped me.

And I quit smoking! Yay!

Plus, shout out to Shiny Red Robocalypse for her WW post! Excellent, says everything I've ever thought about Stupidman.

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