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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I'm bad at being an authority figure.

At the beginning of this year my company hired a new guy for fabrication. He's a great worker, and a really nice guy, plus we're moving more material now.

But he smokes in my warehouse, and the smell leaks into my office and showroom. Smoke smell makes me so sick. My throat is raw nasty, I'm sneezy and coughy all day. It's disgusting. Growing up both of my parents, actually everybody in my family smoked in the house. I got asthma when I was 12, and lived with my parents until I was 17. Since I've been on my own I only have to be around smoke when I visit my family in Michigan.


I asked this guy to smoke outside because, not only is it bothering me, but it's a business. People don't expect to walk into a nice showroom and it smell of cigarettes.

Guy continues to smoke in the warehouse. I ask him again last night before he clocked out, he responded with "Oh, no smoking?" Like he didn't understand or something. "Yeah man, do it outside if you have to do it." "I will ask the owner if it's okay." to which I respond: "I'm your manager, and I'm telling you please, do not smoke in my warehouse." And he walks away. What the hell. This has been such a week.

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