Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm becoming cautiously optimistic

It might be the B-vitamin complex I took this morning, but I'm starting to be optimistic about finding a new place to live.

I have 4 places lined up Friday - Saturday. All in the same general area (in town, which will be fun). One is small, but it has a yellow/grey color scheme and really nice inside, so I'm excited about it. Like it looks like someone who likes modern design aesthetic owns it. There's a 5th that the property management company is trying to set up a time with the tenant. There's another one, but the property management company is incredibly non-responsive(which is why all their listings have been available forever). One is in a nice area, inexpensive and has a huge yard. I'm so excited you guys! I should be able to reach a decision by Sunday! And there is already one place, while a little small, I definitely could live in. And my dogs will have a yard (most likely)!! I think they will loose their minds with glee. And some places have been dropping the prices. There are some perks to a local shrinking economy.


I'm starting to get excited. I hope at least one of these please are designed with a little bit of logic (which is apparently rare ).

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