I'm a grad student in a lab that works primarily with stem cells. I work closely with a post-doc on a lot of projects. Like most scientists, he HATES being wrong or having anything reflect poorly on him so he deflects blame onto me. Today in a meeting he told two of my supervisors and another researcher plus a few of my peers that I couldn't grow out a line of cells without contaminating them so he's having to do it himself. He didn't mention that he had contaminated that lot of cells pre-freeze and discontinued that lot after I discovered the problem (seeing as how the control lot of my own cells never got contaminated yet his did 3 times in a row). Just that I couldn't grow the cells and he's had to take over and it was my fault things weren't going ahead in a timely manner. This is the third time he has flat out lied about either giving me misinformation or falsely blaming me for something. We have a great working and personal relationship and I know that his actions aren't malicious but seriously... quit blaming the grad student for your mistakes.

I'm going to talk to my supervisor about it tomorrow and I have a plan of action that involves not going on the offensive but making it known that this post doc's story is not how it went down. I just needed to rage. WHY CAN'T WE ALL ACT LIKE MOTHERFUCKING ADULTS?