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I'm breaking up with my boyfriend in half an hour. [Updated]

{Update: We were on the same page. When we sat down and I started talking, he was treating it really lightly (we both can be kinda fatalistic), but we both had been on the same page. He just didn't want to pull the trigger. I get it, but dammit dude, you could have saved me a lot of grief saying something yourself. We parted well, no hard feelings.}

We've been dating 2-3 months and he's a great person, great chemistry, but I can't carry him through his issues. He's started counseling after a lot of urging on my end, but he has a habit of shutting me out and then just leaving, and then not communicating for days after. Last time, he left at 3am, without a single word until I prompted the next night. After a short message, he didn't talk to me for another two days, until I prompted again. Nearly the exact same thing happened the week before, too.


I can't invest more of myself in a relationship when my partner pulls back and shuts me out every other week. I feel like I've been fighting for him for two months, and I just can't put more into this. I feel like he needs to work through this on his own, since his default is to literally leave and then not talk to me for days on end when he ends up in his own head.

GT, give me some courage. This is the right thing to do, for me. I hope it's the right thing for him, too, but I need to take care of myself right now.

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