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I'm bummed out.

I had a surprise wisdom teeth extraction yesterday. I went in with tooth pain expecting a cavity, and it turns out I have good hygiene and my teeth are in good shape (silver lining?) But those upper wisdoms, man? They were erupting downwards and causing me problems. I had my lower wisdom teeth out a few years ago - a horrendous experience I did not want to repeat. Not even 20 minutes after hearing the news, those suckers were out. I'm actually really happy they could do it so quickly - I didn't have to worry about it beforehand more than a few minutes. So now I have no more wisdom?

I want desperately to follow what is happening in Ferguson, but I am having a hard time paying attention and processing. (Thanks, codeine!)


I feel kind of helpless, y'all. I can't really do anything or eat many things and I am probably going to watch copious amounts of netflix for the rest of the weekend. I really really don't want to be numbed during this important time. I want to stand strong and argue with people on fb who don't seem to think an 18 year old kid dying at the hands of the police is a big deal, or its justified because he maybe stole cigars? GEEZUS FUCKING CHRIST HOW IS THAT THE PROPER RESPONSE.

I want to eat the cookies my mom sent me. My birthday is Monday and some cookies arrived yesterday to a person who can no longer easily eat them. =(

Okay, I think I am done complaining now. Apologies for the mini-rant - I would much rather share something positive when I post on GT.

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