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I'm considering going shampoo less again.

Or making my own Castile based shampoo that I can make scented.

Lately, I've been stretching my shampooing to once every three days. I can even make it 4 days before it starts getting gross. The ends of my hair have been in great condition, which is quite a feat considering my hair reaches my butt when wet. Holding back on washing has made my hair much healthier. When I do wash my hair, I only use shampoo/conditioner on my scalp, considering that's the place that gets gross. The rest of my hair is fine when left alone.

Since this transition has been so successful, I'm considering trying the shampoo less approach again. It's only my scalp that needs washing, it seems the rest of my hair does well with a simple daily rinse.


Is anyone else shampoo less?

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