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I'm Crowdsourcing Inspirational Quotes! Gimme Gimme!

Good evening, clever Groupthinkers! I am crowdsourcing inspirational quotes. Not the "follow your dreams, aim for the stars, dance like nobody's watching" tripe, nor anything religious! I'm talking gritty, witty, and insightful. Unique. I would love it if the quote is attributed to a woman of the sort we fancy round here (broadly, apolitically speaking!). If it's got a famous (or obscurely famous) name attached to it, awesome.

What for, you're wondering.

A young family member is doing some sort of thing that involves family and friends writing letters that tell her profound and loving and religiously affirming and life-awaits-you stuff and how awesome she is. I'm letting the other members of my family take care of that, and I'm going to do something different. I'm going to write these quotes on index cards and stick them in an envelope, with a note for context. It will be her personal stash of Pearls Of Wisdom as she faces new phases in her life.


Family member in question is very smart. High school. Likes books. Plays an instrument in the orchestra. Dances. Could use a mild dose of our brand of feminism.

So, GT. What have you got for me? I'm naturally drawing a total blank but if you help me get started then I know the ideas will floweth. Also, I haven't seen a post on this topic before.


Inspire away!

[ETA: If you're suggesting anything by Cicero, Hunter S. Thompson, or George Sand, there's a 99% chance I've already got it carved on my heart, but tell me anyway!]

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