Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I'm cursed

Two years ago, my birthday trip to Puerto Rico was cancelled because of snow. Decided to play it safer this year, because I’m turning 30 and wanted a nice birthday. Planned to go to DC to see the National Ballet of Canada do a Winter’s Tale this weekend. Figured since we’d be taking a train, there’d be less of a chance of things going wrong. Of course a crazy winter storm is happening in DC this weekend. Of course the show will probably be cancelled and all the museums closed.

I just needed to vent, because otherwise I will cry at work.

UPDATE: Okay, we’re cancelling our trip because it’s just too variable, and I think everything is going to be shut down. I’m making an awesome alternate plan for staying in New York. NYCB is celebrating Balanchine’s birthday on my birthday with lots of events, so maybe that’s a bit fate too??


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