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I'm doing a thing tonight!

You guys, the soul band I'm in is having a show tonight, and it's my first time singing with them in public. I'm Jesse Spano on caffeine pills right now.

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I get to wear a mini dress from the 60s. I shaved all the way up! And I have to figure out how to do 60s eyeliner sometime today. I'm pretty sure I have to have a couple drinks beforehand as well.


I'm not too worried about our performance, because the band is an amazing group of musicians and we practiced, and it's going to be the funnest thing ever, and I wish you could all be there. Actually, if you're in Seattle, you should go to the White Rabbit tonight and do some dancing! I'm in the second band.

Okay, honestly, I'm a little nervous. Send me good luck vibes around 10 pst tonight!

Here's one of the misogynist songs we're singing:

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