I posted awhile back that there was A Good Thing in the far-but-foreseeable future. That future is almost here... and I am scared to death. I’m so afraid that something else will happen and The Good Thing will end up blowing past us.It’s so close to me I can taste it, and damn, but it tastes good and I cannot TELL you how badly I want this...

I am fucking terrified, you guys. So much bad stuff has happened over these last couple of years, and it’s so hard to trust that The Good Thing will actually be a good thing... I’m freaking myself out about all this. So much so that Other-Husband and I got in a small fight about it yesterday, because my suspicious-yet-optimistic attitude is driving him nuts. (We’re all good, no worries.) Husband is also suspicious-yet-optimistic, but O-H has not only built but furnished his castle in the sky.

If this does not get resolved soon, whichever way it’s going to go, I am going to explode.


I am so sorry that I’m vague-posting, I just literally cannot tell you guys until we see if The Good Thing will actually happen.