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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I'm Drunk... But I'm a Smart Drunk Dammit

I apologize for any typos or grammatical errors, as the title of this post hints at... I'm much more than tipsy. I'm on my third (fourth?) vodka (no mixers, just ginger syrup, all doubles) and I've had one of those days. I dedicate this to my boss (also my mother) because IMHO she's going thru the change and needs some therapy, hormone or otherwise. My main issue is that my mother and I are extremely alike. We sound the same, have the same laugh, and also, the same temper. I do not want to end up like this bitch. This is probably why pot is my go to drug instead of gin. I still love the booze, but I could live without it. The fact that my mother and I are so similar really scares me about my future relationships. My current boyfriend (browncockbrownbull) knows my mother very well, knows her crazy, sees our similarities. This scares me that he will not be up to long term commitment. We've been together almost 6 years, I have told him I don't really care about the piece of paper that marriage is, but I've also told him that I also want to give my dad the wedding he deserves to give his daughter away. All these weddings (I have one coming up, and also a one year b-day luau for the niece) is really making my ovaries go into overload. I can't take it. The ovaries are taking over my mind. I'm ready to be one of those girls that stops taking birth control and sees what happens. For the record: I hate other people's children (except my niece who makes my ovaries hurt every time I see her, she's only 1 though)! I've also told the bf (browncockbrownbull, have we established that yet?) that I am not a fan of the institution of marriage, I would totally be down for a civil union for the health insurance benefits, but marriage isn't as important to me over having kids and continuing our family's names (may sound weird... we're weird people). I'm currently binge watching Scandal hoping Olivia will give me some direction. Love that bitch.

I love you GT.... that might be the vodka talking but it's the truth. I love you all... I can't believe this didn't have any spelling errors. Grammar nazis, I already apologized. I'm one of you... just extremely inebriated. Vodka brings out the truth and apparently pretty decent grammar. Let me know if none of this makes sense. I was kind of expecting it....


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