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I'm Dying

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I'm convinced of it. I have spent the majority of today just trying to coax myself out of bed. I've managed to shower and brush my teeth and scrub my face, but now I'm back in bed, slowly dying.


I don't know what happened. I started feeling really shitty last night and it's carried into today. I have really bad knees. A combination of years of ballet, the cold of Boston and 50lb weight gain in college. Every time it gets chilly, they ache like a mofo. They've been aching nearly 24 hours now.

On top of that I have a migraine, my back aches, and my ankles are about to give out. I also think I have a fever but I'm not sure. My period is also late, but only by 3 days so I'm not panicking yet. But it means I'm getting those weird pre-cramp/cramps that tell me my period is probably on it's way in the next few days. I pretty much feel like shit.


I really want to take ALL THE PILLS because I'm in so much irrational pain, but I'm weird, and I don't actually like taking pills. It's apparently a thing with me that everyone knew about except me. I never take pills unless I think I'm dying.


But the real reason is that my doctor told me not to overmedicate because then I might do more damage to my joints accidentally. Made sense to me at the time. If I can get out of bet I will probably go take an Advil and then let my spirt join with the afterlife (being ill makes me totes dramatic...) but Scandal is tonight so I need to get this shit together!


*collapses and dies*

ETA: There really is not point to this post except to complain. I turn into a snivelling child when I'm ill. I'm SO BAD at being sick. FML.

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