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Welcome To The Bitchery

While eating cake for breakfast is awesome, I can't stand to gain a bunch of weight this holiday season, and my trainer is home for the holidays. Also there is a disturbing lack of correlation between Scandinavian crimes/serial killers/gursomeness and Scandinavian crime novels...Plus pressed for time.

First, the cake: I love cake. Cake is great. But I've been doing such a great job avoiding sugar! I just can't...all of my clothes have been altered to fit my size XXS, petite frame, and I still want them to fit! They fit fine now-in fact, some are too big-and maybe I'm just being paranoid. But I have to get rid of this cake. I just can't. It's so good.


Second, Scandinavia: I'm trying to find correlation between prolific crimes (few and far between) and crime novels. Not working. Those darn Norwegians and Danes with their serial killers-only Anders Breivik (no books I can find that include a parallel to his infamous massacre; the only novel I could find that remotely relates is one from 1970s Sweden). As for the Danes...why, oh why is there just Lundin? And general crimes? The Swedes have the market cornered in the "serial killer" department. And the novels...damn imaginations! The only shit going down is mainly sex crimes and hate crimes.

Please, bookworms and sickos and Scandinavian lovers/dwellers, help needed on the last part. I already crowdsourced Reddit and just got Sweden and Iceland. And Iceland isn't really considered Scandinavia. But I may have to include it.


For the sake of whatever, here's what I've read/planning to read so far:

  • The Torso (Helene Tursten-Sweden-Denmark)
  • Police (Jo Nesbø-Norway)
  • The Waters Edge (Karin Fossum-Norway)
  • The Keeper of Lost Causes (Jussi Alder-Olsen-Denmark)
  • Maybe The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Again. (Stieg Larsson-Sweden)

I guess I need more Swedes. But correlating with their crimes and novels. Or I need to cross reference. 15 page paper and graduation on the line.


Scandinavia, when it comes to crime, you either go big or just have social issues. Why can't you be as fucked up as the US? Pressed for time here!

Also, I can't stop eating cake.

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