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It turns out no one in my actual life cares about my fairy empire money making scheme. (They’ll change their tune when the green starts flowing, I’m sure.) So congrats, GT—you get to be subjected to my updates!

Today I ventured to that bastion of misogyny and poor customer service—Home Depot—to spend a stupid amount of fairy money I haven’t made yet to get started. As every good Etsy seller knows, a good picture nets sales, but a great picture means you’ll never be without orders. Since my own garden is going to be the model garden for selling, I need to spend money to make money. A flatbed of topsoil and some baby succulents later, and I was ready to make fairy magic. The empty spot in my front garden is going to be built up in little hills and mounds, and I made the first one today, before it started raining too hard to work:


So my question for you, fellow internet wierdos, is what would YOU like to see in my fairy shop? I started making a little wishing well last night, but what is the one thing you would really want to see in your garden?

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