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I dislike my sister in law. She and my brother in law (husband's brother) are a bit terrible to be around. They drink and fight. Not 100% of the time but close to 75%. I'm not talking squabbles. I'm talking her throwing the ring at him and him screaming/yelling at her. He punches holes in the walls and everyone acts like its normal or funny! We cut back how much we saw them socially when we started to see the fighting but we completely stopped hanging out with them socially when we heard the story about her biting him and him grabbing/shaking her.

They were married in November and they were both atrociously awful to be around during the planning. Both of them are incredibly self centered and insecure and it comes out as them having hissy fits when they are not the center of attention. Both of them are still holding a grudge and think that the pregnancy of sister in law stole the thunder of their wedding.

I typed out a way too long story about them being rude and inconsiderate to me but I deleted cause goodness forbid she stumble across it. Pretty much she did something that involved me canceling plans to do her a favor. Last minute she decides not to follow through with my favor. I don't even find out from her. I find out because her fiancée is at lunch with us and tells us she is sick and the favor isn't happening and he doesn't even direct it at me. He just generally announces it to the group of people we are with. Neither of them apologize or say anything to me.


Well they are a month pregnant. They have already told everyone siblings, parents, friends. Leading up to it they have been telling us when she is ovulating, when they are trying, etc. I know exactly where/when my niece/nephew was conceived.

When brother in law showed up at the bar Friday I knew. He pulled aside my husband and told him. Husband congratulated him. They returned to the table. Brother in law then pouted about "I thought you would be more excited" and took his phone out and ignored everyone including his cousin that kept trying to engage him in conversation. Mind you it was a table of people who had no idea. He started to leave shortly after and invited two of his friends back to his place (it is next to the bar) and didn't invite myself, my husband, or the cousin. Pretty much he acted like a toddler.

I have 8 months of this ahead of me and I need to get this out and get over it. I feel terrible that I can only muster a smidgen of excitement about my future niece/nephew because my dislike for the two of them.

- Anyone who hears my in law stories and eventually meets them ends up apologizing to me. People always think I have to be exaggerating and that they can't be real. Nope. They are real alright.

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