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I'm feeling some feels

Guys, I'm about to cry. This post prompted me to check my "other" folder, and my heart kind of sank when I saw there was a message in there from May. But I clicked, and this is what it said.

Hi. I don't know you, but I was just sent a link to the discussion thread on Andrew [redacted]'s page about the morning-after pill prescription kerfuffle.

I just wanted to tell you—based on how you handled yourself in that thread—that I think you are eloquent and intelligent and funny and all-around awesome. You are EXACTLY the kind of woman I hope my daughter (who just turned four) grows up to become. I bet your parents are just amazingly proud of you.

Glad I could read and benefit from your really well-worded thoughts.

Peace, [name redacted] (who is in the same graduate program with Andrew at AU but regrettably has not met him personally)


Faith in humanity: Restored.

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