Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I made it back from Europe sort of in one piece! Here are some pictures!

The last leg of our trip from Iceland to the U.S. was a bit harrowing because 1) the flight got rerouted to another airport for two and a half hours due to a really intense storm resulting in the flight being 9 hours total instead of 6.5, 2) someone on the plane had a nut allergy, and so we weren’t allowed to open any nut products (goodbye, trail mix!) and they didn’t serve us any snacks, 3) there was an Icelandic girls youth soccer team on our flight, so imagine being on a plane with a dozen or so 13-15 year old girls.

Anyway, on to pretty pictures!


Overall, I really loved my trip to Europe and I learned I’m actually really well suited for long haul travel! Didn’t get jet lag, didn’t really get sick, my skin stayed fine, and I’m really fucking great at packing! We probably won’t be going on another huge trip like this for a few years at least, but I’m glad my passport got some stamps in it!

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