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I'm freeeeee!

Finally home from the hospital! Came home last night and have done basically nothing but sleep ever since.

I’m staying at O-H’s for a few days, because H thought it would be better for me to be able to rest rather than have kids and cats all over me. They’ve both been such sweethearts through all of this, taking care of everything. So has Almost-MIL, Almost-BIL, GT’s own Cajun Ginger, and my wonderful neighbour. It’s become such a cheesy saying, but I really do feel blessed to have such amazing people around me.

My stomach still hurts incredibly bad, I have basically no appetite or interest in food (I know... it’s shocks me, too), and I’m shaky as hell... but I’m home! The kids have all been over several times to give and get hugs and kisses, even the cranky teenagers. I missed my babies so much!


The surgeon still has no idea what happened, why I’ve been in such intense pain. He actually apologized for suggesting the surgery in the first place, which I really wasn’t expecting. As far as anyone can tell, it wasn’t his fault or anyone else’s, just my body freaked the fuck out. I had a long recovery time from my c-section, too, years ago, but it wasn’t anything like this.

Had a problem with the IV that last night, too... they had it in my right elbow the whole time (after trying the right hand and forearm), which was tolerable, but all of a sudden, my upper arm got sore and swollen and red starting at the IV site. The nurses pulled the IV, got fresh tubing, bag, everything, and restarted it in my left hand. My arms are a mess, because they tried to set it in the left elbow, then the left forearm (twice!) Apparently, my veins just did not want to cooperate, so I’m all bruises and needle marks from my hands to my elbows :(

Anyone have any recommendations for getting all the gross tape residue off my skin? I tried vegetable oil and hand sanitizer, and neither one worked.

Anyway. I’m kind of rambling. I’m not entirely with it yet, I guess. Sorry about that. But... but... I’m hoooommmeeee!

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