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I'm getting a tattoo! (I hope)

After much, much searching for an artist I like (I think I even posted something on here asking for recommendations over a year ago), I finally found one who’s taking appointments in the foreseeable future and finally got approved when her books opened up for this winter. Yay!! I love her work and am over the moon about getting to work with her.

When I got the email last night I was told to make the deposit within 24 hours or my spot on the calendar might be given up. So, I called the shop this morning and was told to call back this afternoon. I called back then, and was told to call tomorrow. They just got done with a big event and their front desk person is out today, so it’s super understandable! The guy was very friendly and said he’d make sure I didn’t lose my spot. I’m just excited and want them to take my money now so I can feel like this is really happening :D.

Also, the artist said she’d have my drawing ready by the time of my appointment. I know sending pictures over the internet is too risky, but would it be acceptable to ask for a skype appointment (I’m out of state) to see it ahead of time? I know myself, I know I can be, um, particular. I don’t want to be a problem customer, but this is going on my skin for forever and I know I can get scared of speaking up in the moment. Any advice for how to be a good customer for tattoo artists and end up with a piece you love?

(My requests would be things like, “draw out the thorn here, no berries, this kind of flower” and wanting to make sure we’re on the same page for style and color choices.)


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