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Welcome To The Bitchery

Warning: I'm gross. So when we moved to London from the country nearly all of our furniture was from freecycle. That was fine except it was a random mishmash that was not compatible with having to be very judicious about space in a city apartment.

So we re-freecycled (re-cycled? ha ha get it? I'll see myself out) most of it, got a loan*, and hit up Ikea. Our couch isn't very expensive but it was the first new couch we'd ever bought so we felt like grown ups. The thing about this couch is that it's just the right size, it's a 2st + chaise longue (so it's like we get a corner couch in a little apartment), and the long seat opens up for storage, which we desperately need and fully use.

Anyway, this damn couch, I tell you. It's been covered in all the food, random body juices (I was sitting in this very spot when labour started, uhh), baby vomit, BABY POO, more food, cat puke, etc. Sure, we clean it. I even have a tiny steam cleaner that we take to it now and then. It doesn't stink or anything, don't worry. But holy shit is it grunky as all hell.


So I did like a grown up** and have booked a person to come super deep clean it today. They're gonna wish they brought their hazmat suit but whatevs that's what I'm paying them for. I'm so excited to have a nearly new couch, at least until baby decides to pee all over it again.

*JUST paid off this month! Christmas miracle!

*Me a grown up hahahahahaha

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