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I'm getting too old for this drinking shit

Good god this hangover is no joke. Owwww.

I don't even remember drinking enough to be this hungover. My brain, it hurts.

I've also come to the realization that I think I have a crush on my chick friend. Oh! Ohohoh!! I also found out last night that all the women friends in the group are giving Friend (once again, that dick) the cold shoulder and basically shunning him for that stupid shit he pulled with me! I love it. I love it so much. My chick friend told me this last night and I just looked at her like NO WAY and she just goes "ey, solidarity, sister. Fuck him."


Alright. I'm gonna try to get rid of this headache the the post-beer poops and then make my way to my hair appointment. Pictures later of my new red hair! And then GAME OF THRONES. I might have some hair of the dog that bit me later and I can Groupwatch it with all of you.

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