Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm going back to bed.

My insomnia’s been acting up. I’ve gotten like 6 hours of sleep in two days. Then, in the local news, there was an attempted kidnapping at a mall I was at last night within an hour of when I was there, and also a 26 year old woman was shot to death in a road rage incident about 3 miles from where my boyfriend lives. I just can’t. Fuck Texas.

In much less tragic news, I got my hair done yesterday, really looked at it underneath light for the first time this morning, and it was bright ass fucking Great Pumpkin orange. I asked for balayage in a mahogany brown, it looked like just random pieces of completely untoned bleached mess (I started with dark brown.) I know I could ask the salon to fix it, but I was so frustrated this morning that I just went ahead and bought the damn dye myself, so currently sitting here with Medium Dark Brown with a shit ton of ash tone intensifier mixed in on my head. Pretty sure I am going to need to get the cut fixed as well. Ugh. I should have just gone to my regular lady, but she’s an hour away from me now. I may just have to break down and make the commute to her. I’m not risking another chop job.


Also, I know it’s partially my fault for not speaking up while I was in the salon yesterday, but I didn’t really get the full effect until I got home, also hello I am a people pleaser/passive to a point that it consistently causes me issues like this. UGH.

I want a grilled cheese sandwich, and then I want to sleep for about 18 hours.

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