I stayed home sick today and the Boy brought me flowers and soup. I know that’s the most stereotypical good boyfriend thing ever, but I’ve never had a guy bring me flowers. (Or soup, for that matter.)

He said the look on my face when I opened the door was the cutest thing ever, because I wasn’t expecting flowers at all. I keep looking at them in their pitcher on my table and smiling because they make me really happy.

And the other day he left his favorite sweatshirt here so that I could wear it and be reminded of him. Which feels like something you do in high school but I don’t care because it’s adorable.

On the one hand, I feel silly getting excited about this sort of thing because I’m sure all of this is on some ~just girly things~ tumblr post about the “perfect boyfriend.” But on the other hand, I’ve never had a boyfriend who did all of those things and I’m really enjoying it so far.

Also, my apologies to my Twitter followers, who have to put up with me talking about this sort of thing all the time.