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I'm going to Croatia?

It’s official, tickets are booked and we’re taking a 10 day trip to Croatia, followed by a stop in Iceland. I’ve never traveled outside of North America, halp?

We’re staying around the southern cities and landing in Dubrovnik. GC’s sister and dad will be there an extra week before us to travel up to Zagreb to their family village. Well, supposedly their family village, GC maintains her dad just pointed at a random spot on the map and said that’s where they come from. We’ll be there for about a week, and then stop at Reykjavik for a day or two on the way back home.


Anyone have travel tips/advice for a vacation noob? Any places you recommend going? We’ll likely be leaving just days after moving into our new place, so I’ve already told her ahead of time that we’ll be packing our suitcases and living out of them for a couple of weeks so we don’t have to try to pack after moving. Doggo will be fine, he’s staying with her mom and getting spoiled with attention.

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