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Mr. 4th lives in an “Adult Community.” Over 55 and yes, I came in with pre~conceived notions of a slow way of life, even though he’s got vitality to spare. The reality is that the place is lovely, the next door neighbors are close in age to us, none of us are even close to retirement, his backyard is a woodsy wonderland & the community pool is really nice! Yay!

Relevant: They have a monthly newsletter I’ll call “The Gazette” that I LOVE to read. I read the juicy parts aloud to Mr. 4th. I was looking for August’s edition this weekend & he couldn’t find it.


The Mr. swims all year for fitness; Winter at the YMCA & summer at the community pool. I’ve heard whispers of his popularity there at the pool from the neighbors... I know he’s a kind & friendly person, but he has a really nice ass & other stuff:)

We spent my Burpy Barkday this weekend at the pool with extended family (best birthday in a long time.) He found me a “Gazette” in the clubhouse. It was then I saw the new “Complaint Form” published in the paper.

I couldn’t stop laughing to myself about its’ appearance or what I could complain about. And then...


I dropped it in the box on my way out. I’m going to hell. What are your complaints?

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