I know this is random as hell but I just want to express my sads.

Mamadukes, grandma and I are moving soon to a bigger apartment (THANK THE HIGH HEAVENS) which is going to be a co-op in a building. Currently we live in a first floor apartment of a house. So basically it's a house and the landlord turned the first floor into an apartment to rent out.

And I'm going to miss the shit outta him. He's in his 40s, I think? And he's just cool. First off, he's really on point with taking care of the place. Like if we ever need a plumber or exterminator or anything, he takes care of it financially. When the fridge broke, since it was his fridge, he replaced it.

Second, we're all loud as fuck. When I first moved in (I lived there by myself for a few months in the beginning) he was like "look I know you're 19 (I moved in 3-4 years ago) and have friends, would you mind just keeping the loudness to the weekends or during the day cuz I have a young kid?" So I did and there was never a problem.

As time went on we just all stopped giving fucks. He and his wife split up so the kid isn't there that often, but when he's there he's SO LOUD. But I'm loud too so we all just deal with it. His kid's running around all day every day, well I'm doing laundry and having the sex at like 2 am. He's banging his girlfriend (who is LOUD AS FUCK) at 4 am on some random Tuesday? Well my best friend and I are blasting and dancing to reggae at the same time.

So I'm just gonna miss him. I hope my new neighbors don't mind my reggae nights or 3 am crying fits or sexytimes.


ETA - Also! If anyone is looking to move into a 2 bedroom apartment in South Brooklyn with a cool landlord for $1400/month, let me know since I'll be out soon!