Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I'm going to miss this kid come fall

WinnieTheWoot got out of bed this morning and asked "What are we going to do today, Brian*?" To which the only appropriate response was "The same thing we do everyday, Punky**."


I've joked here before about Winnie being my Mini-Me and the drift compatibility we share. The truth is that aside from Mrs. Hatrack she's my best friend and it's going to be weird (and a little boring) around the House of Hatrack without her. As you have all witnessed, our senses of humor run parallel as do many of our interests. I'll have to either save a lot of my geeky tv/movie viewing for the summer or watch it on my own. And who will glare at me after my awesome puns?

*My name is not Brian.

**Her nickname is not Punky.

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