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I'm going to nerd up my ice cream maker

(Because Google images has a picture of EVERYTHING)

(Warning- This post is part asking for advice.....but mostly bragging. There is a lot of brag in this post)


There are some things about me you should know. I'm a crafter. I'm a nerd. And I'm fat. And fat nerdy crafters find ways to make nerdy crafting taste super yummy. And I have gotten really, really good at making custard bases for my at home ice cream maker. And I always end up making ice creams that are somehow nerdy/connected to fandoms. Like my first truly nerdy ice cream was called "Eleven" and it was an ultra rich Tahitian vanilla custard with pretzel goldfish crackers and chocolate covered Swedish fish suspended in it. I tried out a whole series of pie inspired flavored with various "Supernatural" theme names. (strawberry rhubarb crumble ice cream-demon blood- was dope, and BoyHeathen really loves my apple pie cream-gank) I do it just for my friends and to amuse myself; god knows I'm not trying to step on any intellectual property toes and try and sell the stuff. I just recently re-read the Harry Potter series and have been trying to figure out some great "House" flavors. Here's what I've come up with so far: please help me figure out how to make these nerdy ice creams the bestest possible:

Gryffindor. Strong, brave courageous- nervy even? So clearly, an ice cream not for the weak of heart: Dark Chocolate and candied habenero ice cream. (I've made candied habaneros before and they are soooo good. And I know the sweetness/creaminess of the custard would make ot a really excellent experience. I wonder about using an ultra Dutched cocoa dark chocolate though; may be to bitter for the application I want)

Slytherin. Traditionalism and ambition. A strong tie to the past, but ready to make it's own mark on the world. Wintergreen triple chip ice cream. (three different chocolate chips- dark milk and white are ALWAYS good in ice cream. I have been having doubts about wintergreen ice cream though. Always doubts....always)

Hufflepuff. These oft overlooked wizards are known to be incredibly loyal and tolerant. Also Hufflepuff Honey badger DGAF. Honey ice cream with bourbon macerated cranberries. (Honey ice cream is wicked good yo. And I think bourbon cranberries would be super tasty. BoyHeathen says I should do a more exotic fruit, like figs)


Ravenclaw. Theses witty smarties won't be satisfied with just any ice cream. No, they need creativity and pizzazz in a smooth refined base. Blueberry basil ice cream with shortbread pieces. (This one is happening. I just need to wait for high summer for the freshest blueberries and basil. Also- I think I'm going to make basil vodka for all my summertime cocktails. Because of course I am.)

So; if you have managed to read all the way through this Martha Stewart goes to Dragoncon horn blower post, help me figure out what kind of tweaks and pokes I should do. Or if you have an idea for a fandom based ice cream flavor- hit me up with it! I want to let my geek flag fly in a bowl of tasty frozen deliciousness.

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