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I'm Going To Senegal!(And Paris)

I have been hesitant to make this announcement because the plans have fallen through twice this summer.The flight and hotel is booked, however, so I'm confident in talking about a big journey coming up in my life.My mother is retiring in Africa, and has chosen to stay in Senegal(She's not sure what part, but probably Dakar since she likes the city). Before she goes, she would like to study French and Wolof at a language school in Dakar and get a feel for the country before working on a full move.I've volunteered to join her for the initial trip.I have never been to Africa, and I have been itching to gain more trajectory towards my career aspirations.If we both enjoy the experience and choose to live in Dakar permanently, then I will enroll in a university next year and see where that experience can take me.

Before we start classes in Senegal, our plane will take a detour in Paris, France for a week.We won't have much money to do expensive touristy things, but we'll explore the city and food as much as our budget will allow.It's actually cheaper to take a flight from the US to Paris and then Senegal as opposed to a direct line to Africa. We figured that if we get the chance to go to Paris, we're better off making it a longer stay than a simple layover.


This is the most extravagant thing I have ever been a part of, and I am so grateful that my mother is letting me share in on this experience.Everything I read about Senegal makes it look like a great place to be.We've seen a few movies set in Dakar, and it looks like a vibrant Metropolitan African area.We've also got in contact with a young couple from Senegal (they're not from Dakar, but they go to the city often), and they have been so helpful in sharing their experience in the city.I feel very...ready.

I am wondering is anyone here in the Jezebel or Groupthink community have been to Senegal, or still live there,or are Senegalese. We do not have any family there, so we need all the contacts that we can get.The same could be said about our trip to France. Our hotel is in Montmarte, but we've been advised that the Metro can take us anywhere if we need to. Thanks in advance!

Edit: I've found the animated gif to properly express my feelings on the subject:

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