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I'm going to South Korea & Japan!! Tips, anyone?

I just booked a ticket to Seoul for the 8th of october and back from Tokyo on the 26th of October!! I’m so freaking excited!!! Does anyone have any tips for things that I must visit or do?

Some things we are sure we want to do :

  • Get a tattoo from Seoeon (I’m currently looking for a Korean speaker who can help me translate an e-mail so I can contact her!) in Seoul
  • Explore Seoul
  • Take the overnight ferry from Busan to Osaka (has anyone done this before?)
  • Explore Osaka
  • Explore Kyoto
  • Explore Tokyo

We are planning on AirBnB-ing most of the trip and we’re super excited!!

If anyone has ANY tips I’d love to hear them! :)

To think that a month ago I was moaning about not having been on vacation in well over 2 years. Thursday I’m going on a surprise weekend away (we’ve since received the weather report and our current guess is Berlin! We’ve been there twice already though :P) and this trip on the 8th of october! How swiftly things can change :D


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