Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I'm going to swear about something trivial for a bit

Every fucking summer. Every god damn stupid summer I forget just how lousy an experience this is and convince myself that it's actually somewhat decent and that being a fan of this stupid fucking team has it's bright points.

They're a gutless bunch of fucking useless cock monkeys. Our best player is fat and weak, our Captain is stupid and slow. Our goalie couldn't stop a baby shooting basketbll I hate this stupid fucking team and all of the saturday nights that they've ruined with their casual, disinterested poochfuckery. Fuck you, Maple Leafs. You've been shitting all over me for 25 years and I'm getting pretty fucking tired of it.


If nyone needs me, I'll be getting drunker. And possibly stoneder if I can get another Oxy.

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